Libra and Nash

Even tho this is a permissioned chain there must be risks that Nash can help reduce…

Cex risks:
operational failure
liquidity risks … cold/hot wallets causing delayed access to funds

these are real risks that increase with centralisation … and will get worse as stable coin adoption grows.

Reducing the risks of centralised custody will not be cheap… few companies will be able to afford the tech/legal security compliance… this is already creating a type of exclusion

The real time auditability and transparency of transactions over Nash between chains would be very appealing especially when cascaded over multiple platforms where the integrity of triple entry accounting is visible

Once stolen Libra coins are exchanged for Bitcoin they are out in the wild of public networks. So i guess aside from blacklisting addresses … which is a remedy … perhaps increasing preventative measures is the way forward.
By adding conditional MPC features in conjunction with state channel networks.
You could add reversible transactions / limits and multiple signaturies to an account

reducing instance of which erroneous transactions occur , increasing autonomous correction of errors and reducing likely-hood of a huge systemic “balls-up” like u might see from a large custodied app

side note ;
Instead of paying Zuck 10 mil… we should be receiving money from the foundation in the form of social impact grants. Onboarding the non- profits grant receivers should be the go