Libra and Nash

Indeed, we hope the network will allow us to participate without having to pay the $10M ticket.


I think the ticket will be required. would be great to have a non-custodial BTC - Libra option. I would even donate money for it or take part in a second fundraising round. maybe this could also be a great advertisement according to GA (a second fundraising round for BTC - Libra)


10 M is nothing ; ) Do it ! :money_mouth_face: :wink:

Here it is … over the year(s)

Libra approved wallet provider> Wyoming state banking licence> leverages our relationship with Centre… which in turn leverages our position with Libra

clearly im aiming at issuane and cutting out intermediaries on the payment and on-boarding game

im guessing the word “hope” was just loosely thrown out and you boys have a plan of action …?

some substance to my writings

@redk just wallet support is something different, Libra has also a smart contract language that is capable to support Nash channel system. That is the target.


hmm yeah Nash Pay and exchange

very nice… (borat voice)


i think libra is everything that crypto is against.
but its good to not take sides and list every reasonable/potent/use case token, unless its a straight out scam coin.

fair enough … we have invested in a private company primarily driven by profit tho dude.
Not to say we cant make moni and be moral at the same time. Libra could be a good thing … together with Nash … it could help people use a stable currency relative to their own state issued and one that is considerably harder to confiscate

tell that to the 2 billion customers (facebook, whatsapp, Instagram). in addition there are the potential customers of the Libra members.
All the influencers, web cam girls (if not excluded like by paypal) will use it immediately. how the free money is digitized is ultimately decided by the users. it is much more important: how to exchange libra instant and simply for the telegram token. or bitcoin. or digital yuan. if you still need this

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@Upinayah Lets hope the people won’t decide to back libra then, and get other stablecoins instead.

@redk: Yes, we have invested into a company that is out to make mad profits. Although you already said it, the moral is important here. Nash creates the huge profits later on because of its service being what crypto lacked for a long time. Away with funds being centralised and being in exchanges hands. Facebook creates Libra in order to track you and me, and get insight into what we spend online. It’s money in it’s worst form.

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dude Nash potentially as it grows will have way more on you … just sit down and think about it for a second… familiarise urself with FATF guidelines . terms and conditions and user agreement

you underestimate how much facebook collects on data about you and everyone else.
I’m not afraid on nash having limited amounts of personal data about me.
However this is getting too much offtopic, it is a discussion that can last forever probably so i withdraw.

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Good chat friend :+1:

@canesin it looks like Nash will be able to provide wallet (and possibly exchange services) without needing to pay. Interestingly, it looks like any third party wallet will be supported albeit with transfer restrictions:



I have a hunch Ouriel at Zengo might have an inside take on whats going on … theyve had ties to Libra in the past and apparently continue to.

they are also non-custodial and were ear-marked to be a wallet provider ^^

I got to add Libra is most likely the way in to Indonesia and developing countries … they will likely go mad for it in young demographics where banking and monetary policy is ropey … but mobiles and interent function

Had a conversation today with someone who has inside track on Libra (I trust this source completely) … it’s apparently moving forward more aggressively and faster than is widely known. Which makes sense: Zuck is not going to back down on this – he’s just going to submerge and run silent, run deep.

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It’s really hard to read your posts with 5+ edits…actually I always skip them. OCD is a serios thing.

i do it for you

Even tho this is a permissioned chain there must be risks that Nash can help reduce…

Cex risks:
operational failure
liquidity risks … cold/hot wallets causing delayed access to funds

these are real risks that increase with centralisation … and will get worse as stable coin adoption grows.

Reducing the risks of centralised custody will not be cheap… few companies will be able to afford the tech/legal security compliance… this is already creating a type of exclusion

The real time auditability and transparency of transactions over Nash between chains would be very appealing especially when cascaded over multiple platforms where the integrity of triple entry accounting is visible

Once stolen Libra coins are exchanged for Bitcoin they are out in the wild of public networks. So i guess aside from blacklisting addresses … which is a remedy … perhaps increasing preventative measures is the way forward.
By adding conditional MPC features in conjunction with state channel networks.
You could add reversible transactions / limits and multiple signaturies to an account

reducing instance of which erroneous transactions occur , increasing autonomous correction of errors and reducing likely-hood of a huge systemic “balls-up” like u might see from a large custodied app

side note ;
Instead of paying Zuck 10 mil… we should be receiving money from the foundation in the form of social impact grants. Onboarding the non- profits grant receivers should be the go