Issue on withdrawing NEO from trading contract [edit]

Dear Nash, why can’t I withdraw my NEO right when it’s dumping? Why is it working for GAS? Why do I get the same response from the support? All their solutions ARE NOT WORKING. It’s really hard to keep using this exchange. It’s 10th time already when I have this issue on Nash.

I can see here that there is a support member in contact with you right now. Our agents are trained to deal with any situations related to the platform, including escalating the matter if the involvement of our engineers is necessary.
I understand your frustration, however the community was not designed to provide support. Please talk to the agent and we will do our best to find a solution as soon as we can.


I want all of you to pay attention to this recurring issue. This is number one issue for Nash right now.

Hi @kazanchev I edited the title, Nash is non-custodial so we don’t “keep” assets, it is on the smart contract - I couldn’t understand the specific issue from this comment (seems to be a state syncing issue) but was informed you are in contact with support and they are working on it.


It’s working now. Thank you. (edit: and it’s not working for NEO again)

@canesin Can you explain this issue (NEO transfer from Trading to Personal)? Why does it happen so often? When will it work properly? And why does it always require attention from the devs to fix it?

@kazanchev the issue in first case was lack of counter-party funds. With state channels, so that you don’t need to sync state all the time we honor the counter-party under some circumstances with a concept that we call “buffering”, think of it as a balance sheet management.

But sometimes we can’t, either there isn’t buffer available or other cases, so we either need users to sync or increase the buffer. There was a lot of USDC to NEO trade so our channels were short on NEO. This doesn’t mean we needed to add NEO (increase the buffer), the net amount of tokens in the contract is the same, what needs to happen is the receipts leading to the state the user is withdrawing be valid for the protocol.

It requires the devs because we need to learn which condition we hit and why, than fix it. A lot of this will go away with a change on how/when state sync is happening. Right now it happens only on withdraws - but we will add some other ways, also we can fill the orders instead of sync the state but that is/was costly, we can do however some improvements to do batching of it and not require some states to be synced.

The parallel here would be the “lightning network” issue of channel capacity, is not the same but is an analogy that works. We are tuning some parameters so that this isn’t hit as frequently, and if we hit it the user never knows, the transaction just take a bit longer.

I hope I gave good enough insight, is a complicated set of interactions that make it hard to explain in detail without going a bit too deep into the woods.


It’s hard to expain it to a grandma why her NEO is stuck again on Nash. You know what I mean?

This is a bit scary and funny at the same time. If $30k volume on a pair is “a lot” maybe we shouldn’t trade on Nash now?
P.S. I still can’t withdraw my NEO (12 hours already). And all I see is this: image

Make another warning or fix this issue once and for all. It’s annoying and frustrating.

I understand the frustration and this is being worked for a while with a definitive solution as I tried to explain above. It should be in production with the next couple sprints in time for the general availability launch. Is not about the nominal volume, but the nominal imbalance on the state synced. Please contact support and they can map your case so we guarantee it is dealt with urgency.

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I can’t even fix it by selling NEO for ETH (I did it before) because there’s no liquidity. I contacted support 12 hours ago. No news since then. EDIT: now they contacted me.

I still can’t do it. Moreover I sold part of my NEO for USDC and I CAN’T WITHDRAW IT TOO. I am really done with Nash. It’s not ready. I am not ready for this.
I tried to use Nash A LOT:
My volume on Binance:
The choice is obvious.

@kazanchev I just checked with support, people looking into the issue you had yesterday fixed the underling problem. Could you open a chat support thread instead of email thread so there is a more direct line. You should see a chat window in the right botton corner of

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It’s scarce to see a startups team member involve with community like @canesin

Keep up your great work

It worked. Thank you, Fabio.


Stay with us! Don’t move your funds to Binance, for NEX’s sake :pray:


any updates on this @canesin?
On the unofficial telegram this issue arrised again.
I think it’s good to have a stable working exchange before anything else, its the experience that matters.

the issue should be fixed now.

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It is. But the timeframe for orders is still not working. Only the custom one.