Is the maintenance for bitcoin implementation?

yippee, I am so Happy

The site was online for 5 minutes. In any case, the new design was already there. And BTC was listed as a trading couple…

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Now is online. But no BTC…

yeah Bitcoin not there … so sad…

bitcoin was added to the list of different chains and trading pairs category. My guess it’s not long anymore.

This system contains Bitcoin trading, but no BTC markets were started. We will first enable API keys so people can migrate their infrastructure. The current plan is to start BTC markets next week if no blockers appear.



Fabio. I noticed the ‘Basic’ trading option is gone? I really hope it’s only temporary?


As you all noticed we are implementing new UX across the advanced exchange UI. After that is done we will revisit the simplified interface. Our decision to remove it was due to on user testing it being subpar to the UX we want to provide.


Ok copy. It’s going to be an amazing feature to the exchange, especially for people who are new to crypto. They wont want to even look at the advanced feature. They’ll want as simple as possible.
Looking forward to it coming back!

Sorting by volume (etc.) is not working with a new UI.

My take on this though, is that ‘Basic’ trading should be enabled by default, since advanced user will find a way to use ‘Pro’ trading quite immediately, while the other way around is unlikely.
For obvious reasons, the chosen option should be remembered for future sessions of the user.


It’s working for me. :thinking:

It’s not working in Portfolio and Assets. Also I have this issue:


Actually it’s working, but there is a 1-2s delay (and since there is no visual feedback like a loader, it’s not really intuitive).

However, it does not hide NEX line in case all my NEX tokens are staked.

You have to untick and tick it again to hide zero balances. But sorting is not working.

Hmm after looking more closely:

The option to “Hide zero balances” is persisted and remains even if you refresh your browser tab. That’s a good feature to have. However, the UI always starts by displaying all tokens, so if you enabled the option and come back to this page, you’ll start with “Hide zero balances” enabled, but all tokens displayed. Hence the behavior you’re seeing.


Looking good, take as much time as you guys need! :smiley:
Seriously, I can’t buy more NEX until the 9th.


I think you are right. You can redirect pro traders more easily and quickly than vice versa.

I can’t create an order after the maintenance. (mainnet) @canesin