Interesting alternative 2FA method

Got this in an email this morning from Gemini, I really hope NASH does something like this in the future since they have stated that ledger isn’t currently compatible with the extension maybe there would be a way to use the ledger solely as a 2FA authenticator option?


Agree. Would be a welcomed option to be able to use a hardware security key (U2F) on the exchange. U2F is even more secure than 2FA and easier to use (one-click button) for verification.

The current MVP 2FA is just that: minimal viable, even if its implementation is already superior to current market leaders. As mentioned before: we have several plans to improve 2FA. And yes we will support FIDO2, all our internal systems already use hardware keys on many different ways since day one (2y ago). There are other strong upgrades that will not require additional hardware but instead rely on advanced cryptography and use the mobile secure enclave.