How do we compare on REGULATION with iFinex IEO platform (launching in June)?

Been reading the iFinex whitepaper (IEO platform of Bitfinex). They also aim for full regulatory compliance in Europe. In the whitepaper they mention serveral permits and licences. I asked (colleague) and all those mentioned are all finalized. (including the MTF which they make look like a big deal)

Were are we at ? (not asking for specific status updates and timelines. only wether we need such licences, we have them or if they are pending…

– there is an entire section dedicated to Regulation (table of contents)

Notice they didnt mention anything about available in the U.S. … which nash already has a win at already.

I understand you are saying pending requests are worth more than finalized permits and licenses ? – Ambition Vs. Present Reality
The thing is I am not sure about what licences are pending and finalized for Nash. More clarity would be helpful here. I know there has been talking about it here and there, but a single overview of required and admired licences I haven’t found yet. This makes it hard to compare Nash against (indirect) competition.

Actually. I get your point bro. In all honesty I am only interested in EU market.

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Nash will be available to launch at U.S… Thus, it is not pending…

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Well it isnt clear to us at EU launch too. We should expect it to be announced before the launch… we could have asked this at Q1 2019 report which we didnt.

Probably we could have @canesin for some clarifications

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This article on security tokens contains details of the licenses we are working for. We don’t provide updates on planned or on-going legal processes.


Are there any NEW licenses that you guys are working for?