Fonts (+icons) loading delay annoying + small remarks (me nitpicking again)

(Alex) #1

I noticed that every time I load the website; the fonts are loading with little delay and the icons also appear I bit later. This causes a flickering effect each time I navigate to the website.

Maybe preloading and hosting fonts locally (+caching) might solve this ?
Either way I should also congratulate because the website is blazing fast in general.

  • I have difficulties knowing where I am at some of the product pages. For example after clicking in the ‘products’- dropdown-menu on ‘extension’ I land on a page with no reference to that word ‘extension’. It makes me confused of where I’m at on the website. Same example with ‘funds’. I click on funds but the word funds is nowhere there above the fold. (breadcrumbs might not be nessecary, but I am still missing a link with the navigation somehow… I click funds, I expect ‘funds’)
  • I think it might be good idea to add alt descriptions to the images already.
  • Also the mobile version is not looking good on iPhone 5s (width 320px)
  • Add open graph tags for social previews


(Lukaskorba) #2

What browser are you using? I’m running safari with no issues. Both mac and iPhone XS pages are just amazing. It’s obvious Nash developers take their job seriously and with love.

(Rwtrwtrwt) #3

I have the same issue using Chrome on Windows 10

(Trust Yourselves ) #4

@timothy this is probably the biggest issue with the new website at the moment

(Enderle85) #5

I am using Safari and have no problems at all.

(Trust Yourselves ) #6

Even just on mobile, the website loads a desktop screen and it takes over 5 seconds to change to mobile view. If the user touches the screen in those 5 seconds , the website remains in desktop view. Pretty annoying! @timothy

(Lukaskorba) #7

labor pains, no big deal guys :slight_smile: It always happens when you roll out new big project. Guys will handle it soon, be patient… And btw, it’s for the first time Safari runs ok prior to other browsers, good for me :stuck_out_tongue:

(Len) #8

Chrome on High Sierra same issues but not annoyingly.

(Timothy) #9

We’re looking into this. Thanks, everyone!

(Nathaniel) #10

Thanks! We are working on slight copy amends/inclusions for to help better signpost certain parts of the site.

(Andrej) #11

@Alex thanks for pointing out these issues.

Fonts and icons loading delay is fixed. Mobile version was updated too. A new update will be released soonish.

In the near future we will add/update alt and og tags.

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(Alex) #12

Hmmm. I don’t see the changes with the font delay. Neither the mobile size fix.
Maybe should wait bit longer… [Edit: ah, its fixed but not live yet ?]

I do see now that the dropdown-menu remains open after clicking a link. Not sure if this is quick fix attempt to my remark about navigation… Either way the menu on mobile has copied this behaviour and now seems unresponsive. Just try navigating with the mobile menu. You’ill see what I mean…

Mobile view 320

Menu not closing after clicking menu-item.

@Nathaniel @andrej (no pressure guys :wink: catch a breath. The site is super fast already and thats really nice. I’m obviously nitpicking here)

(Alex) #13

++ this is still active too. The logo is still there as I descibed in post below…

(Andrej) #14

@Alex when I mentioned “it be released soonish”, I thought it will be released within 1-2 days :slight_smile:

(Alex) #15

Got it. I’ll come back in two weeks with another nitpicking round. Looking forward to the progress. See ya :wink:

(Nick) #16

@andrej is it possible to also look into the Chrome issues @ Login form can not be filled efficiently? Thanks!

(Andrej) #17

@Alex feel free to reach out anytime :slight_smile:

@Nick sure, some of the devs will check it out soon.

(Vt) #19

Nice work. Don’t think nesh dot io is owned by nash since the 4 letter domains are quite scarce and expensive. A whois check also shows a different registrar.

(Vt) #21

Oh yeah I missed that one. Very nice that they did that.