EURO / YEN / POUND pegged stablecoins

I wonder what the options are if I would like to hold a digital asset pegged to fiat currency other than the US dollar.

  1. To be honnest it worries me a bit that all adopted stablecoins seem to be pegged to USD. I live in europe and If the dollar price crashes I would be dragged down with the US failed economy while holding USD tethered assets. (all very fun if you like trading, but not if you consider your digital assets wallet a substitute for your bank account.)

  2. Also if Bitcoin was really a hedge against fiat and fiat sentiment would go down in favour of Bitcoin. International fiat currencies would end up flowing into USD-pegged stablecoin reserves. Basically the banks controlling the tether reserves would get increased control over fiat markets no ? Currently imdo the more money that flows into Bitcoin, the more control US has over international markets. I dont like that outlook.

Anyone knows trustworthy initiatives for EUR / YEN / POUND stablecoins ?
I would like to see them discussed in this topic.

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You can check out Terra - they have many stable coins pegged to different currencies such as USD, KRW, EUR etc. and even one which is pegged to IMF’s SDR - more on that here:

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The dollar will probably end up being the best of the paper currencies in the next crisis, there’s a probability it goes up while the rest go down before it crashes along with the others. Not financial advise but having some dollars, gold, BTC and NEX sounds like the way to go.
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I think a few central banks will issue cryptocurrencies in 3 to 5 years.