Ethereum contract address and ABI from source code


Is this the correct address on wich the on-chain operations for the live Nash Channels run: Contract Address 0x00f2b67b5a5eC2ff88B2be7D5A8d1A39D5929237 | Etherscan ?

I was wondering if the contract source-code is published somewhere ? I would like to generate the contract ABI … My idea was to play around with creating a Subgraph for Nash Contract…

Has Nash thought about publishing a subgraph themselves ?



Is this what you are looking for?

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It looks certainly interesting. Thank you.
Ideally I was hoping to find just the solidity source files of the deployed contract somewhere. All I can find now is the compiled bytecode deployed on the Ethereum network.

Above ABIs (from api-client) cannot decode input data and transaction logs…
Will that be possible in future ? Anybody know why its not public ?