Equilibrium Hotmail/Outlook my email is not arriving [team: check Mailgun logs pls]

I am unable to receive the verification email using a Hotmail / Outlook emailaccount.

Either way I cannot activate my account, nor can I change the email to complete the process using different mailaddress.

Thats a lie imao.

I encountered similar problems recently with Mailgun (on shared ip) dropping emails due Microsoft blocking the mailservers ip. Wonder if this is the case here aswel…

Example of what I’m getting from Mailgun most recently…

Correct, i’ve been waiting for over 24 hours now for a confirmation mail.


still nor working here, no verification mail @canesin

@Lystr1x @Aryatara Also using Hotmail / Outlook emailaccount or are you using a different mailprovider ?

outlook live.com @Alex

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Same here.
Perhaps we just need to wait for the new version that will be pushed tomorrow

It’s ok for me. I have Gmail. I received immediatly the verification email after signup.

just attempted sign in but it said my PW was wrong which I’m sure it wasn’t. Requested re-set but no email received yet (waiting 1 hour). Maybe cos its not live right now ?

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So we can say that gmail users are working fine but not hotmail?

Is there a different way this thing runs compared to MVP?

register again , there is a new update and required a new registration

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Looks like a new version of equilibrium has just been pushed to the public. Verification email still does not work on Hotmail.

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Same here. Still not receiving verification email.

same here still waiting for verification email

The environment will be reset tomorrow. Use a non outlook/live/hotmail to prevent yourself from being able to try out the new version.