DeFi pulse

I was talking about Nash on Reddit and few people seem to know about it :neutral_face:

One guy asked why it wasn’t listed on DeFi pulse:
Had anyone heard about this list?

Looks like it couldn’t hurt. There is a very easy 7-question application form available at the top. Anyone of us could fill it out, but might be better to let the team do it: maybe something to look into?


@carla Should I do it? Feels like we’re missing out.

@Oldsport no you shouldn’t. Unfortunately, in general, lists such as defipulse only work on stats of cookie-cutter platforms and don’t support the more complex setups like Nash. It can only track the funds locked in a ETH smart contract and consider volume as things come in and out of it.

Nash is based on a state channel system, so volume happens on off-chain trades, only settlement happens on-chain. Also Nash is cross-chain and a single network such as ETH will not accurately depict the amount of funds locked.

We will contact the ranking platforms in a near future.


Nice to read, there is also
an alternative to cmc and coingecko. i wrote them on twitter but no feedback.