hello nashians,

since last couple of month i observe the development of decentraland and it is nice to see where they want to go. it will be come a 3D marketplace where user can share items, ideas, services and maybe assets and using or creating NFTs. i know this are special users, people what loves to act in virtual world but it is very exciting and innovativ what happens there in future. also the decentraland community is very active and mostly developer and other freaks from digital and crypto space. i think it will be perfect to list them on . i will try out to find a cheap place and buy it. maybe we can organize there a defi lounge by nash community. something like that. so if these succeed in future i am sure that companies will enter this place as an avant-garde sales channel. but first it cant be wrong to connect both communities and list MANA on
If some of the nash team think that this is absolute nonsens, please delete it.
Sorry for my low english skills.

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