Can Nash disable withdrawals (due maintenance)?

(Alex) #1


According to a fan on Twitter this could never happen with Nash. He’s saying this like its almost impossible. Is this really true ?

  • Will withdrawal be possible during server maintenance ?
  • And both from personal and trading accounts ?
(FCC) #2

Yes, even if Nash doesn’t exist anymore. The smart contracts are on the blockchain you can bypass and withdraw directly from it if needed.

(Alex) #3

Great. Thank you for the reply. That sounds promising.
To elaborate a little further…

In the event illustrated above it surprised me because I wanted to withdrawal while I was under timepressure.

  • How quick would this bypassed withdrawal process be ?

I understand in an event like this I should go true a third party providing a tool to execute the withdrawal. (because I’m not a developer and would need a UI)
The question then raises wether I can trust this party providing the withdrawal service.
Is there a motivation for malicious people to setup a fake withdrawal service ? (to capture PKs for example) Any way Nash could prevent that from happening ? What user input would be minimum required to execute such bypassed withdrawal ?

(FCC) #4

Once time permits we will build a stand alone solution that users can use to issue the withdraws directly. There is two layers that if you tried the beta makes more sense: personal accounts are readily available, as those are “normal” wallets. Trading channels (the trading account) requires a 24H lock if there is disagreement (if Nash doesn’t sign agreeing with the state it will have to wait that time to withdraw).

(Alex) #5

Not sure if this is real or a PR move promoting their " #SAFU fund and CZ celeb status tho (just before a previously planned AMA with CZ in couple hours. like their beggin for people asking questions security related)

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(Bunder) #6

That is the big benefit of a DEX, that you can withdrawal every moment! :slight_smile:

(Elcontador) #7

Nash has no problems with the withdrawal, because in reality there is no deposit, you only send when you perform an operation directly to the contract.

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