Buying Nex Token on Switcheo thru Nash?

Now that I traded Eth for Neo I would like to know if there is an easy way to buy Nex token on Switcheo without sending Neo thru different wallets?!

I wish I could do that thru Nash instantly but unfortunately Nex isnt listed yet :frowning:

Simply connect your Nash NEO wallet to Switcheo and Voilà !

Do u have a screenshot…when trying to connect it says well this

Use your private key in the Private key tab.

Just be careful not to paste it anywhere else :wink:

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I will give it a shot

But yeah, it will be even smoother when we can do everything within Nash exchange :v:

Is that secure to put in the Private Key?! Makes me a bit sceptical

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Personally I wouldn’t paste my private key into a browser/webapp
Why are you against transferring NEO when network fees are free?

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Ok, I just did it. But for people who have little knowledge this might be a risky move. Anyway…it is quite laborious to buy Nex token. How long until Nash can add them to their own Dex :-/

Not available until Security Trading Licenses are granted. They have already begun this process. No ETA as this will take time as it is a legal process. Earliest is some point in 2020

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You just have to choose which applications you trust. I trust Switcheo, Metamask, etc.

Can’t wait to use NEX within Nash exchange though ! :star_struck:

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What you are doing here is total nonsense. And I absolutely do not understand. Where is the problem of simply transferring the NEO to another wallet? If you have a keylogger on your computer, your private key is now compromised.

Just leave such a nonsense.

If something is stolen then the torrent is big and then nash is to blame only because you are not responsible with your private keys.


True that is why I was sceptical. Luckily I dont use a Windows PC :wink:

If you do not use a typewriter, it does not matter. There are keyloggers for all operating systems.

Even the statements that you make here makes me very thoughtful :thinking:

Transfers are also always a risk, you can mistype your address, etc.

Anyhow, I understand your point and I’d be curious to have Nash team’s opinion.

Also, does anyone know if it’s possible to have an Encrypted key for our Nash wallet? I’m also not confortable at all using my Private key and not my Encrypted Key + pwd.


That’s why you do a small test transfer. Just leave the private key alone. There is currently no reason why you need it. :exclamation:

Seems risky with the private key. Better to trade for NEX with a ledger on switcheo.

If you insist in not transferring funds and trading straight out your Nash wallet on Switcheo this might be a solution:
Within NEON (created by CityofZion) there is an option to encrypt your private key.


The future for those that aren’t comfortable with using their private keys is bright Hardware wallet support