BTC volume on nash app

nash app shows around 30k usdc volume by BTC, but dividends are 0.
where can i track BTC volume on nash exchange please ?
thx for feedback.

Once it is public to all traders you can view the volume on the website or any 3rd party site that tracks Nash’s exchange volume like Coingecko. The volume you see on the App is real and is the volume generated by tier 2 traders so far in the last 24 hours. I already have been getting dividends from BTC so just wait for the volume to increase to start seeing larger dividends :slight_smile:

Remember dividends are only paid out at a certain time every day for the volume created before it.

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My question was very simple. So the volume was real but why 0 dividends?
I hope to getting a useful feedback. thx

AFAIK, the fee is paid from what the taker take. if all trades were BTC sell, the taker took USDC so your fee is in USDC


Thanks, thats sounds logical.