Both Overstock and Nasdaq have been developing security token platforms over the past year, with Overstock being the first to launch: tZERO,

I don’t actually agree that’s what Jay’s saying in that video (I think he’s speaking solely with regards to the ETF and Bakkt Warehouse being a major milestone for crypto custody), but I know that regulatory progress for all security token exchanges is beneficial for Nash.

a pass for custody of digital securities whether it be an etf or reg A+ makes little matter … around consumer protection and custody.

as far as im aware it doesn’t matter what protocol or system you use to certify ownership of a security as long as customer protection laws are adhered to.

So we are good to go (non custodial) as long as we are granted ATS licence which is a case of the exchange working in practice as it planned in theory

regulatory progress for exchanges that were under scrutiny for breaking consumer protection laws is imo most definitely not welcome… Its allowing our competition in to a market Id rather they were starved of …they have a far bigger market share across the board and more capital to deploy.

but yeah solid disageeance here :slight_smile: