At What price are you likely selling your NEX?

I will not sell it. Long term investment :blush:

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I’d like to get my initial NEO investment back so hopefully at $10 but even $5 is fine. The rest I will not sell.

this time i wont make the mistake to sell too early :slight_smile:

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my price $ 10-15

We all want NEX to be a success. In order to be one of the best international exchanges in the world, NEX has to compete with the likes of Coinbase, Huobi, Binance etc. Coinbase already valued at some $8 billion as per latest round of funding for $300 Mn. So if NEX is at par with Coinbase, then $8 Billion valuation is not hard.
On the question of selling NEX, if NEX is delivering on its promises and the exchange is moving towards the right direction, there would be no reason to sell NEX. Price should be of no concern. Remember the real value of NEX tokens will come from staking profits. Ask yourself, would you sell NEX if you are getting insane dividends on your $1 investment? Its like a hen that gives you golden eggs every morning. Would you be happy selling the hen or the eggs? :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps in the future when there is a NEX staking donation function, so that you can donate a NEX token to a charity, locked forever in a staking contract where it’s collected fees go to the charity, i’ll consider ‘selling/giving away’ my tokens.

I agree with you Amank, but from my perspective, I am in Crypto since December 2017 and have quite a big overall loss atm.
I can of course bet all on the success of NEX and sell nothing, but I also want to secure some profits, therefor going to sell a part of my NEX immediately if the price is high enough.
Of course, in a few years, may be you look back and say, I should have kept all, but on the other hand, in worst case NEX will not make it, causing your coins to have no value in a few years, and then you would have said: damn, I should have sold…


@TheRon of course, everyone has a risk appetite. Nothing wrong with selling a few tokens to secure your funds and enjoy profits later on the remaining tokens.

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Indeed, planning to re-invest in some other coins (if bear market) to diversify portfolio.

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15x would let me reach a long term goal I’ve had but would be very reluctant to sell all of my Nex tokens. Ideally want to keep half for the long term and stake along the way


Personally i will stake all my ICO bags for 2 years. I will sell 50% of my staking rewards and i will put on stack the other 50%. This strategy is good in an optimistic scenario (trading volume at least 10B).

the only reason I can see for selling, whatever the price will be, is to buy cheaper nex and acumulate more :slight_smile: (but I think that would not be the case, or at least the dump will be very small, and not worth the selling)

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same here :wink: not even recovering the initial investment until 10$

100 $


I’ll stake all my nex, if only all would do that, nex would rise very high in a short time, that would be good for the popularity and the hype, the demand for nex would rise, that would bring a good volume to the exchange. a lot of volume = a lot of dividend :nex_logo:


At least 10$ . Also staking for 2 years!

@anon73805886 It’s been edging towards $3 on Aphelion. Might want to keep an eye on it if that’s your goal


@anon73805886 a few thoughts on reinventing wheels:

If the wheel = exchange of digital assets, that wheel is broken and needs to be fixed: users should be able to do this easily while retaining control of their assets.

If the wheel = general banking solutions, that wheel is probably even more broken: customers should have way more control of their funds across the board (imagine having some real control of the assets in your digital bank account, for example).

If the wheel = online payment solutions, this is broken again due to middlemen and other factors.

So it is possible we are reinventing some wheels, but for good reason. Many of those wheels badly need someone’s time and attention.


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You can say that about almost 90% of Crypto Currency “Proven not much yet”. That’s really a short sighted comment. You must be one of those “When Exchange” guys. Coming on here and commenting and then giving a back handed compliment is pretty lame.