As a laptop user, the screen size doesn't fit at all

i can’t see the open orders in the same page, the order book is so small i can’t have both order books sell and buy on big size and also the chart is very big,
the right panel of buying and sell i have to scroll down to create the order and it’s laggy .
i have to zoom out to see the order book in full but i can’t see open orders panel

It looks fine on mine.

What is your laptop resolution?

1366 X 768
and it was okay before 2 days i was able to see the entire full-page, now even when i zoom out i can’t see the orders panel

This is what I get for this resolution:

My guess is that you somehow folded your orders panel. See what happens if I fold it:

Are you sure you can’t scroll down? :face_with_monocle:

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yeah looks like it’s now folded by default, I didn’t notice it could be until now, it’s fine now after press on the little arrow on the left. the exchange still a little bit laggy
thanks for your help man

The experience of this design for smaller screens is not ideal, for this reason we have a re-design coming for it.

In all fairness it still works better than the competition in small screens but that is not an excuse to not blow it out of water.