Any official word on the frequency with which we can claim staking dividends?

As much as I enjoyed claiming GAS a few times a day while I’m staring at charts, I think ONT’s solution (0.01ONG fee for each transfer or claim) is brilliant - it allows you to claim as often as you want, but limits how how often that actually happens in practice because of the cost.

Do we know any official word from NEX on this? Maybe I’m over-thinking but I’d love a complimentary once a month, and then more frequently if you want to pay a small fee or whatever.

The Nex team previously mentioned claiming dividends being monthly but the translated prospectus says weekly, so not fully sure.

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Prospectus says weekly and whitepaper says monthly, weekly is better imo

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Any word on a fully translated prospectus? I’ve been hoping someone translates it.

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@Trust_Yourselves Nex Prospectus translated into English :smiley:


Legend thank you

Weekly would be too frequent in my opinion. Atleast in the early stages when trading volume is not much. For every 1000 NEX weekly dividend payout would be low and wouldn’t make sense. Plus it would add unnecessary transaction load (no matter how small) on the already clogged Neo Network. When NEX reaches Binance volumes, I would be happy with daily dividend distribution too :stuck_out_tongue:

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