An open dashboard for the community the keep track of NEX KPI's and (fun)metrics

(Alex) #1

I would like to hear if there would be interest from the community and from NEX to open-source some of the company metrics.

I know for example that some indie-makers have an ‘open’ page to their project for the sake of transparency. This is a page containing regular/live updated information such as website visitors, new signups, specific user actions, revenue,…

  • What are your thoughts on this ?
  • You think this would be useful ?
  • You think it would be feasible for NEX?
  • What data would you like to learn about ?
(Alex) #2

An open source tool I personally like is Matabase:

Their soulution only illustrates what I had personally in mind. Thought it would be nice if we had something like this for NEX community.

(Alex) #3

@canesin Is the NEX team currently using or looking into BI tools for use internally ? (what do you use ?)

  • Any chance some metrics could be made available public in the future ? Is this something NEX already thought of ?

I think many metrics exposed to Marketing team could also be interesting for this community to tap into…

(Olu ) #4

Keep in mind that NEX is a business with competitors and so there’s a limit to what should be open-sourced. We as a community do not need to know all the details and I don’t think information should be shared just for the sake of it.

However, if sharing certain details would increase engagement and use of the NEX ecosystem, it is welcome.