About crypto adoption

I don’t really know where this fits, but it resonated with how I feel about Nash:

Jack Dorsey (Twitter, Square) is moving to Africa

Just give me the ability to pay with Nash app and Nash is my new bank!

Now imagine how it would change the unbanked’s lives. Adoption might come from there first!



yeah unfortunately its likely that tokenized fiat (usd-c) and the likes will come in to trouble with various developing nations capital controls … although i think there would be huge demand.

it will likely hit a point where they cant stop it …bit like the internet …but no idea when how this works out

One more link which I find interesting:

Fintech’s fast pass to traditional banking is now cut off

My analysis is that fintechs will try to find another way: this other way is called cryptocurrencies. Why? Governments and legislators are slowing down their possibilities to evolve and improve their services. It looks to me like a good logical next step.

good link … yeah the use of banking partners and stablecoins most def cirumnavigates the requirements to become a “bank”… i mean they provide all the same and more services than a Bank they just dont get to offer loans as their own product … but can use 3rd parties servies built in to the app .

yeah ur not gonna be able to pull this off with the same cost efficiencies using the analogue fiat system for sure !

Nash is already way ahead on this :slight_smile:

The internet has digitized shopping malls, letters, documents etc. Whole business models had to adapt or were simply replaced (taxi, hotel) … the money is already digitized. It is only in the nineties. the question is not if but when

this also applies to the conclusion of contracts :wink:

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