A viable soulution for safe self-managed custody ? (Shamir's Secret Sharing ?)

(Alex) #1

This is not ment to promote one specific company.
This reply from @canesin in another thread made me think more about custodial soulutions …

For example I like the soulution offered by Vault12 and was wondering what people in this community think about it and if this would be something for Nash too…
If you look at their blog you can tell digital custody this is their field.

  • Anyone aware of this company (Vault12) ?
  • Anyone knows other companies proposing soulutions for this problem specifically ?
  • Do you think such soulution would be valuable for Nash ?
  • Would Nash partner up with such company (in future or now) or would Nash always prefer to offer in-house build soulutions only?

(Non techie and great UX is also high priority for them)

Distributed, decentralized and serverless digital custody for all your cryptocurrency.

(Aman) #2

It sounds good, but you need to trust others who understand crypto to secure your wallet. That may not be practical for most people (not for me atleast). Also our motto is Trust Yourselves.

(EC) #3


Uses ENS domains instead of wallet addresses, makes use of trusted contacts in a similar way to Vault12, working on universal login from all devices. Downside = only works on ETH.

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(Ethan Fast) #4

Right now I can say that we are aware of these ideas and familiar with Shamir’s secret sharing. We have a thorough solution in mind for keeping custody with the user and maximizing safety, but still making things much easier to use than typical decentralized interfaces. This is something we are now working on now in house - no need to partner with others.