20% price spread between buy/sell


around 20% spread (neo/eth) is to much i think and it is hinder some new people to come and try that wonderful …website.
so when we can expect some erc token (link, maker e.g.), cant be such a technical challenge to install them.
it is possible to public something like a roadmap ?

The high spread is because of the low volume. In time when volume will rise, the spread will go down.

There are already recently posted conversations about this topic:


The spread is ‘jumping’ during the past weeks. Sometimes it’s low, sometimes it’s really high. But as already mentioned a couple of times this is most likely due to low / no volume.

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The spread is high because of low liquidity not volume
Low liquidity makes trading unappealing and can be one of many a reasons for low volume.
The spread for NEO/ETH was excellent last night - 0.5%, there were clearly some market making bots running. Spread could be poor now as Nash has had some issues, has gone into maintenance and so the bots were turned off